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Exterminator Volleyball

Exterminator Volleyball


- Tyra Harper Turner (AVP Professional)

"When you play volleyball as your job, sometimes you forget to enjoy it. Playing for the Exterminators puts the fun back into high level volleyball. Each year Steve puts together talented athletic teams. I was fortunate enough to be a part of a winning team and make many life-long friends."   - Tyra Harper (Turner) (AVP Pro)

 - Joanne Persico (St. Johns University)

"The opportunity to play for Steve and the Exterminator team was a once in a lifetime experience. The highlight of the tournament was beating the USA-A2 team thanks to Steve's ability to create a winning enviornment and positive atmosphere. I have never been surrounded by so many talented and accomplished volleyball players and coaches in my career. I am proud to have represented the Exterminators and wish them continued success as they compete for their next national Championship!" - Joanne Persico (Heach Coach St. Johns University)

  - Sam Shweisky (Princeton University)

"Since 2005 when I started coaching with the Exterminators, head coach Steve Warren has afforded me an amazing opportunity to be a part of his prolific program. Steve is an amazing philanthropist who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of his time over the past 20 years to create opportunities for young women to play this amazing sport. Steve has been an outstanding mentor to me over years and my coaching career has flourished much in part due to my affiliation with the Exterminators. I cannot thank Steve enough for what he has done for me personally and professionally." - Sam Shweisky (Head men's coach Princeton University)