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Exterminator Volleyball

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2017 Minneapolis (1st)

Head Coach: Steve Warren
Assistant Coach: Don Cohen
Team Manager: Cliff Hankins
Number First Name Last Name Position Height School
1 Delaney Clesen LIB 5'8 Pittsberg
2 Lindsay Dowd SET 5'9 Cal-Davis
3 Erica  Handley SET 6'1 Minnesota
4 Sareea Freeman OPP 6'4 Florida State
5 Taylor Fricano OPP 6'4 North Carolina
6 Annayka Legros MB 6'5 Costal Carolina
7 Kayla Haneline MB 6'2 Northern Iowa
8 Samantha Middleborn MB 6'2 Cal State Bernardino
9 Mara Green MB 6'1 Florida State
10 Tiana Dockery OH 5'10 Kansas
11 Rese McNatt OH 6'0 Missouri State
12 Pati Anae OH 6'0 Portland State
14 Gisele Silva OH 6'0 Nazarene University
16 Brooke Sassin OH 6'0 Kansas State
17 Katie Brand SET 6'1 Kansas State

Top Row: Don Cohen (Assistant Coach), Samantha Middleborn, Erica Handley, Sareea Freeman, Taylor Fricano, Kaite Brand, Mara Green, Cliff Hankins (Manager), Kayla Haneline, Steve Warren (Head Coach), Annayka Legros. Bottom Row: Rese McNatt, Brooke Sassin, Tiana Dockery, Delany Clesen, Pari Anea, Gisele SIlva, Lindsay Dowd. 

Steve Warren & Kayla Haneline         Steve Warren & Lindsay Dowd      Steve Warren & Taylor Fricano

Steve Warren & Samantha Middleborn     Steve Warren & Gisele Silva            Steve Warren & Brooke Sassin

Steve Warrenn & Delany Clesen     Steve Warrenn & Annayka Legros   Steve Warren & Sareea Freeman‚Äč

  Steve Warrenn & Pati Anae    Erica Handley & Steve Warren   Steve Warren &  Mara Green

  Steve Warrenn & Tiana Dockery                 Team manager Cliff Hankins with team dog, Buddy             

  Asst. Coach Don Cohen (Right) with agent Ryan Owens, owner of Elite Volleyball Agency, who stayed with us.  Ryan is the Agent for about half of the players on our team.  His dog, Buddy, became our team dog.