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Exterminator Volleyball

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2012 Salt Lake City (1st Place)

Head Coach: Steve Warren
Assistant Coach: Don Cohen
Assistant Coach: Sam Shweisky
Assistant Coach: Mike Vajo
Team Manager: Cliff Hankins
Team Rep: Mitch Stem
Number First Name Last Name Position Height School
1 Ashley Mass LIB 5'8  Iowa State
Lauren   Van Orden  SET 5'11  UCLA 
Kaylee   Manns  SET  5'10  Iowa State 
Emily   Brown  OPP  6'2  Kansas 
Kelly  Murphy  OPP 6'2  Florida 
Jordana  Price  MB  6'1  Florida State 
Arielle  Wilson  MB  6'3 Penn State 
Sabel  Moffett  MB  6'0  Northwestern 
Rachel  Adams  MB  6'2  Texas 
10  Kyndra  Abron  OH  6'2  Michigan State
11  Rese  McNatt  OH  6'0  Missouri State 
14 Kanani Danielson OH 5'10 Hawaai
Number First Name Last Name Position Height School
10   Kyndra   Abron   OH   6'2   Michigan State 
Rachel   Adams   MB   6'2   Texas 
Emily    Brown   OPP  6'2  Kansas  
14  Kanani  Danielson  OH 5'10  Hawaii 
Kaylee    Manns SET  5'10  Iowa State 
1 Ashley  Mass LIB  5'8  Iowa State 
11  Rese   McNatt  OH 6'0  Missouri State  
Sabel   Moffett  MB  6'0  Northwestern  
Kelly  Murphy   OPP  6'2  Florida  
Jordana   Price  MB  6'1  Florida State  
Lauren  Van Orden  SET  5'11  UCLA
7 Arielle  Wilson MB 6'3 Penn State


Back Row: Assistant Coach Mike Vajo, Assistant Coach Sam Shweisky, Manager Cliff Hankins, Head Coach Steve Warren, Assistant Coach Don Cohen - Middle Row: Sabel Moffett, Kaylee Manns, Jordana Price, Kelly Murphy, Arielle Wilson, Rese McNatt, Rachel Adams - Bottom Row: Emily Brown, Kanani Danielson, Kyndra Abron, Lauren Van Orden, Ashley Mass

The team accepting the $10,000 check from USA Volleyball!!


Don, Emily, Kelly, Kaylee, and Ashley enjoying team tradition Bucca Di Beppo Dinner!

Kanani, Lauren, Rachel, Kyndra, Jordana, and Arie, enjoying Bucca Di Beppo as well!

Kanani Danielson, Coach Mike Vajo, Lauren Van Orden, Arielle Wilson

Rachel Adams Block Party!                                  Sabel Moffett on the attack!

Rachel Adams on the attack!                                 Kanani Danielson on the attack!