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Exterminator Volleyball

Exterminator Volleyball
Coaches Bios:

Steve Warren -
 - Head Coach - Steve has been the impetus and driving force behind the Exterminators since its inception in 1992. Steve is a full time Exterminator in Barrington Illinois, but volleyball has been his passion since college. Steve has been coaching volleyball since 1976. Every year Steve scouts the nation to find and recruit the top talent for his teams. Steve has won the USA Open Nationals 3 times and is not slowing down anytime soon.

Don Cohen - - Assistant Coach - Don has been coaching with Steve since 1992. Don also serves as the team's licensed chiropractor. Don has been a staple in the New England coaching community for many years.

Sam Shweisky -  - Assistant Coach - Sam coached with the Exterminator staff from the summer of 2005 until the summer of 2013. Sam is currently the head men's coach at Princeton University

Mike - Assistant Coach - The addition of coach Vajo to the exterminator staff in 2012 resulted in a 2012 PVL Championship! Coincidence? We think not!

Bob Gardiner - - Manager - Bob has been accompanying Steve to Nationals as the teams manager since 2000. Bob also serves as the teams videographer.

Cliff Hankins  - Manager - Cliff has been accompanying Steve to Nationals as the teams manager since 2011. Cliff also serves as the teams videographer.

Mitch Stemm - - Team Representative -  Mitch joined the Exterminator staff in 2012 and has been made a huge impact on the program. Mitch is the commissioner of the Hoosier Region of USA Volleyball, who the Hoosier Exterminators represent in the PVL.

Sam, Steve, Bob, & Don (The Fantastic Four!!)
Kanani Danielson, Mike Vajo, Lauren Van Orden, Arielle Wilson